London Jazz News - “When I spot trumpeter Sean Gibbs in a band my spirits lift; I know there will be spot on ensemble playing and expertly-turned, beautifully toned solos”

The Jazz Mann - “One of the most exciting and imaginative young trumpet soloists around”



Regarding my recent big band album Confluence:

London Jazz News - “A tour de force”

Jazzwise - “Spectacular blowing from all concerned”

The Scotsman - “A rich, muscular sound straight out of jazz’s big band tradition”



Regarding my quintet album When Can I See You Again?:

Jazz Times USA - “These fellows—braced with the blues, steeped in the swing classics, burnished with modernity—are going places.” (full review here)

Jazz Views - “Gibbs’ soloing is as confident and assured as you could wish for” (full review here)

BBC Music Magazine - ***** “The combination of laid-back swing with a confident rolling-and-tumbling interplay is genuinely uplifting, scooping up township lilt and occasional Latin influences along the way” (full review available in November 2021 edition)

UK Vibe - ***** “This is a triumph for Sean Gibbs… his star is in the ascendancy” (full review here) 



Regarding my previous band Fervour’s album Taking Flight:

Herald Scotland - “Gibbs’ music has bags of personality and his soloing is full of ideas, now cool and reflective, now fast and assertive, now downright mischievous. His band go with him all the way and add their own thoughts and commentaries…” (full review here)

London Jazz News - “You know that feeling when you walk down the street and unexpectedly you come across a pound coin? Serendipity, a pleasant surprise, call it what you will, it lifts your mood a notch and brings a self-satisfied smile to your face. This album does much the same thing.” (full review here)

UK Vibe – “Sean’s original music is inspired… the album is a remarkable debut from a young talent” (full review here)

The Jazz Mann - “The playing is of a uniformly high standard throughout and the soloing consistently fluent, inventive and imaginative.” (full review here)

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Regarding my big band album Burns, featuring the Birmingham Jazz Orchestra:

Herald Scotland - ”Burns is an undertaking of astonishing maturity” (full review here)

The Jazz Breakfast - “There are so many things to like here including that energy and good humour, that ebullience, that is the hallmark of the young Birmingham jazz scene; the way Sean has encouraged stretching performances not only from his fellow BC recent grads but also from more seasoned players like Lluis Mather; and the terrific music that Sean has written which changes within each piece to give bespoke settings for each solo and considerable satisfaction to all the section players.” (full review here)

All About Jazz - Burns is a worthy celebration of Burns’ work and a superb debut for Gibbs and the Birmingham Jazz Orchestra” (full review here)

London Jazz News - “All killer, no filler, packed with vibrancy and passion, and bursting with slick soloists and a superbly well-drilled team of players” (full review here)

Jazzwise - “A very welcome debut for both orchestra and their arranger of choice, the writing multi-layered and richly textured” (full review available in October 2015 edition)